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  Welcome to Terry Barr Sales, LLC.

Terry Barr Sales, LLC is a leader in sales, marketing and support services in the global automotive marketplace. Founded in the 1950's, Terry Barr Sales, LLC has earned a reputation for dedication, uncompromising integrity and achieving positive results for our supplier clients.

As the demands on automotive suppliers in the areas of quality, price and delivery have increased in the global automotive market, the need to have excellence in sales, marketing and customer support has become even more acute. Achieving growth at a profit can largely hinge on how well a supplier understands its customer, its global competitors and the market. From winning new business to navigating through difficult commercial negotiations, suppliers increasingly need a high level of knowledge and experience to the customer interface.

The strength of Terry Barr Sales, LLC lies in the skills and motivation of its experienced and highly qualified staff. It is the people at our company that set us apart from our competitors. Today, Terry Barr Sales, LLC serves clients from North America and around the world including Germany, Korea, The Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan and China.